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How Long Before You Rank on Page 1?

Search Engine Optimization is a long game of building your foundation, which will stand for years to come. What we’ve accomplished thus far, is nothing more than the stem walls of your home being built. If you did nothing more from this point forward, you might be lucky if you rank on page 1 for any keywords, and if you do, it will take 2-5 years.

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Now the good news is that you are off to a strong start. Once upon a time, you could rank on Google in 1-3 months. Let’s not sugar coat it, in today’s environment with all the new algorithms and Google updates, those of us who give Google everything they want can rank in 1-2 months for Business/Brands, and a 6-12 month time frame for keywords depending on keyword difficulty and competition.

Sure you could implement a few black hat strategies along the way, but will they last and will Google take your site out of search listings all together? Not a game of roulette I’m willing to play with my sites or those sites of my clients.

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