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Citation Building 101

Now that your website is online, it’s time to do what any real business would do, and that is TO TELL THE WORLD! Of course, you’ve already sent out a Tweet or Facebook post on your page, but what are the next important steps in setting up social media accounts and citations?

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We want Google to know our Name, Address and Phone number often referred to as NAP. It’s very important that this information is the same across the Internet. If you have a single niche and single location, we’ll only be creating one set of social profiles and citation listings.

If you have multiple niches and multiple locations, we’ll be addressing best practices and strategies of our paid training course and for all of our clients.

Top 30 Citation Listings

The granddaddy of all citations is Google My Business. This listing is what many other companies will use to verify your identity.

You may have to wait 1-4 weeks for your verification postcard to arrive, but trust me; it’s well worth the wait. Rounding out the top 30 citation listing sites are as follows.

If you fail to complete the listings above, you need to do one of the following.

a) Admit defeat in that you simply don’t have the time, commitment or understanding in moving forward and find somebody to help you out. Of course, if you and your company is the right fit, we’d be happy to accept you into the flock.

b) Let the competition continue to run right over the top of you. Simply close your computer and walk away.

Before we can move on from citation building, we’re going to pop out another 70 citations, rounding out our list of 100.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable though because we’ll eventually circle back around and build out a total of 250 citations within a 3-week period. Let me help get you started with the next 20 citations. Enjoy!

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