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Business Name, Branding, and Domain Structure

Local branding for your business has to always be at the top of mind awareness in how you can dominate your local market, but what does the future have in store for you and what is your exit plan?

There will come a day when you burn out, need to retire, or forced to sell due to illness, divorce or other things in your life. If you’ve built your business properly, you’ll have something of value to sell. So let’s build something great.

Business Name, Branding and Domain StructureBefore we even think about naming and branding our company, we need to consider a few things for URL structure with the following in mind.

  • Is this the only niche I’ll ever be in or will I expand into other business units?
  • Will I ever only be in one City, State or will I expand to other territories?
  • When I sell, will any of the above apply for potential growth?

I have a buddy who we’ll call Jon who is a painter and has been looking into the possibility of rebranding for SEO purposes. Using fictitious names, Jon’s business currently looks like this.

Jon Doe Painting with a website structure of http://jondoepainting.com

The problem here is that unless he sells to somebody by the name of Jon Doe and the business will only ever be in the painting business; he just devalued his company by 30-40% or more.

Recently he’s come up with “East City Painting” which then gives him the ability to target the East side of town in the painting niche. The problem is that nobody is searching for “East City Painting,” but he good news is that one of the larger keywords of “City Painting” is a part of his name and with a URL of http://eastcitypainting.com if he goes this route, he’s now forever tied to City and Painting.

In speaking with Jon, we discussed other services that compliment the painting industry. Painting, siding, fencing, molding, and trim came to mind. The goal in all of this is not for Jon to be painting the rest of his life, but to build a business of painters, siding installers, fence builders and finish carpenters who specialize in molding and trim.

The next step is to formulate a URL structure using EMD (Exact Match Domain) for both main URL and inner page URL where it makes the most sense. What I mean by this are http://mainpageurl.com and http://mainpageurl.com/innerpageurl.

Single Niche Single Location Example

Let’s say Jon has identified that he will only and forever have a painting company in the City for which he resides and will never market or travel outside of his home base, nor when he sells, the new owners will never expand the company.

In this example, Jon should Brand, Name and run with a URL structure of.

City Painting with a URL of http://citypainting.com if he can get it. More than likely the URL will be in use by another painting company, so maybe use City Painting LLC or City Painting Services with URL of http://citypaintingllc.com or http://citypaintingservices.com.

Single Niche, Multiple Location Example

In this example, Jon will be marketing to multiple markets, but will still only focus on the painting niche. We’ll want to focus more on the brand and niche for naming purposes, then treat the inner pages as their own separate landing pages focused on Local SEO for City, State.

Tip Painting with a URL of http://tippainting.com, which is short and easy. As of this writing, http://tippainting.com was available and one of the tools I like to use in searching for branding ideas is Shopify’s Business Name Generator found at https://www.shopify.com/tools/business-name-generator.

Now for inner page URLs, we’ll be targeting and marketing to additional territories, which could look, like this. By doing so, we are working Painting, City + State into the Keyword structure for both Main and Inner Page URL.

  • http://tippainting.com/seattle
  • http://tippainting.com/bellevue-wa
  • http://tippainting.com/tacoma-wa
  • http://tippainting.com/west-seattle
  • http://tippainting.com/redmond-wa

Multiple Niche, Multiple Location Example

This is my favorite for this is how you build yourself a multi-million dollar company. We’ll first implement a generic brand for all offline and re-branding purposes. Let’s call it TIP Services with a URL of http://tipservices.com for which we’ll build out multiple niches and locations. We can even come up with an acronym for TIP if you’d like.

What’s nice about this structure is that I can build any Keyword phrase I’m after by using the inner URL structure desired.

  • http://tipservices.com/painters-seattle
  • http://tipservices.com/painting-seattle
  • http://tipservices.com/seattle-painting
  • http://tipservices.com/painters-bellevue-wa
  • http://tipservices.compainters-tacoma-wa
  • http://tipservices.com/carpenters-seattle
  • http://tipservices.com/carpenters-redmond-wa
  • http://tipservices.com/fencing-seattle
  • http://tipservices.com/seattle-fencing
  • http://tipservices.com/fence-company-seattle
  • http://tipservices.com/siding-seattle

Then we add in our niche specific website for each territory location.

  • http://tipfencing.com/seattle
  • http://tipfencing.com/bellevue-wa
  • http://tipfencing.com/tacoma-wa
  • http://tipfencing.com/west-seattle
  • http://tipfencing.com/redmond-wa
  • http://tipcarpenter.com/seattle
  • http://tipcarpenter.com/bellevue-wa
  • http://tipcarpenter.com/tacoma-wa
  • http://tipcarpenter.com/west-seattle
  • http://tipcarpenter.com/redmond-wa
  • http://tipsiding.com/seattle
  • http://tipsiding.com/bellevue-wa
  • http://tipsiding.com/tacoma-wa
  • http://tipsiding.com/west-seattle
  • http://tipsiding.com/redmond-wa
  • http://tippainting.com/seattle
  • http://tippainting.com/bellevue-wa
  • http://tippainting.com/tacoma-wa
  • http://tippainting.com/west-seattle
  • http://tippainting.com/redmond-wa

I hope the picture is being painted properly on the why and how of Branding and Domain Structure in how it can help us on the path to online market domination. The hardest part is complete, and the work ahead becomes plug and play for Google to understand who and what your business is about.

Before we move on, I want you to take one more look at the URLs we just completed. What I want you to pull from this is that you have chosen to be a business owner for a reason, with a desire to grow and provide an income to which one day will allow you to retire. How much will your business grow if you were on Page 1 of Google? How much will your business grow if you are on 10’s or 100’s of pages of Page 1 of Google?

You can use the above information and grow your single niche, single location business, or you can push for growth in multiple niches and multiple markets all organically with thousands of monthly search results while your competitors struggle to find a business.

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