Brand Research and Planning Service

The quantity and quality of research you do will directly associate with how strong your brand strategy is. Now that you have administered your brand audit you know what your brand is producing, and understand what you want your brand to do. The tie that joins these two together is researching how you’re going to do it.

Brand research and planning uses a blend of well-established and current, more striking qualitative approaches to grow beyond the obvious and test out systems.

Brand research is a crucial element of business success for two causes. First, it provides a business with real information to create effective decisions. Second, it gives a business profound insight into customers’ perceptions, because let’s face it, customers don’t regularly act the way they say they will. In fact, when it comes to customer behavior and purchasing decisions, customers rarely act the way they say the will.

Our commitment to thinking deeper when it comes to brand research and planning has produced a unique business composition supporting a cross-disciplinary strategy to our clients’ business.

Know what your customers think of you.

Understand your brand by learning how your best customers perceive your business. Discover multiple marketing channels to create a stronger brand presence.

Need a brand refresh? Or want to begin from scratch? We can help you.

We execute a well thought out approach to everything we do.

Brand Research & Audits
We begin by working and delving deeply into what makes your company stand apart — your history, challenges, competition, following, and opportunities. We can also administer a competitor analysis to build an individualistic view of the landscape. Finally, what we are going to solve is: What is your brand strategy? The result will help guide every decision needed to resolve every matter from this moment onwards.

Einstein Media Corp provides market research services and marketing strategy plans. We can also administer surveys through social media to collect supplemental customer insights before launching the branding process.

Brand Revive Options
If your brand has a story, we can apply a brand audit to determine more regarding the perceptions correlated with it. Even the most well-established and recognizable brands experience a brand revive from time to time — sometimes just to update the logo — while other circumstances it depicts a business strategy transformation or management reform.

If you don’t believe your brand identity needs a complete restore, but still feel it could be updated, you might consider getting our brand identity design team get your brand through the revive process.

Competitor Analysis
To drive your brand forward of its competitors, we take the chance to learn its strengths and vulnerabilities so that we can fix your brand in the best position to bloom into the market. The further that we understand your competitors, the higher our ability to build and create a unique and significant positioning statement.

Stakeholder Reports
Your clients, investors, officers, partners, management, employees — whoever has a clear sense of your brand — that is who we want to communicate with the most. The more discussions that we can have with stakeholders who are intimately related to the brand, the higher our expertise to designate your brand positioning.

Knowing the viewpoint of those who operate your business is a crucial step in discovering the challenges that are keeping your brand behind, as well as the unprecedented opportunities that your company can explore to launch your brand forward.

Partnership Strategy
In our experience, we’ve developed excellent working relationships with our customers. We take the path that this is a partnership that our business is vested in. To do this, we take a moment to surround ourselves with your teams, study every aspect of your sales cycle, know your manufacturing process, leadership technique, history, and method. The outcome is usually excellent for it.

We take planning so seriously. And it's why we work so hard to understand your business and all the challenges it encounters. It's this experience that allows us to create multi-faceted campaigns that produce outstanding and measurable outcomes. And it's also what enables us to react to day-to-day challenges without missing sight of your brand's long-term objectives.

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